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Dec 26, 2012 11:00pm EST
of the questions. in my defense -- [laughter] i would just like to say, whatever, okay? it was basic cable, all rights? you don't pay extra for cnn. [laughter] it is a somewhat more informed decision and that i thought the low would be overturned based on the oral arguments in part because of my experience, this is not a corporately plate a lot of devils advocate. they use oral argument, their questions to make their case to their colleagues. and during most of the argument that the five conservatives are very much leaning against the obama administration on the key arguments in the case, was just as the commerce clause of article i although congress to pass the individual mandate, which says the individuals have good health insurance. as i sat in court on june 28th in her chief justice roberts announce a decision in the case, i learned the answer to that question, which was no, it doesn't. the commerce clause does not allow the court, the congress to invoke an individual mandate. but then in a decision that stunned many people, but no one more than me, john roberts reached for a subsidiary arg
Dec 28, 2012 11:00pm EST
of the defense budget had proposed a really remarkable set of additional cup acts and means tested programs of one sort or another. i even saw the columnist in this lucid analytic reporters, david rogers at "politico" show his emotion in the course of writing about that. and of course we had yesterday a successful republican filibuster on the senate democratic plan for extending a lower student loan rate and financing it in a particular way. i noted in "new york times" that this is the 21st successfulsuesr republican filibuster in this congress. most of it is not a few of cose consequentialqu as the filibustr was in the first two years because there is a republican house in any case and democratic wishes from the white house ando senate are likely to be b realized. but the fact that it's been sobo commonplace and is taken for fr granted that in most press reports the word terror never is elevated to the story of because it's a procedural motion. it didn't.he 60 the 60 votes it needed. it shows you how much the filibuster has become so routine. listen, our argument can be summarized briefly.
Dec 21, 2012 11:00pm EST
of alaska on the defensive perp rations to committee. their friendship is close working relationship stands as an example of the remarkable things to senators can accomplish when they set political party aside. to gather where a formidable force in support of the nation's fighting men and women working to ensure soldiers, sailor, airman, marine and guardsmen at the best trained and best equipped at peace in times of work. senator inouye also served as member of the watergate committee and is chairman of a special committee investigating the iran-contra affair. whenever there is a difficult job to do, whenever we needed a noble man, a noble man to lean on, we always turn to senator daniel inouye. it should come as no surprise that danny died if he lived with great dignity. this is no urban legend. dr. weinand, capitol physician said he watched people die, but never with such dignity. his lovely wife talked about what it meant. chaplain black, security officers who were there with them. minutes before he passed away, before he died, he shut the hands of friends and crest the family who surrou
Dec 27, 2012 11:00pm EST
he got his first defense of destiny during those two years. but he left because it was too much like his high school. he wanted to experience the world. he was still trying to find himself. from honolulu to los angeles and new york, but it was first important to get to new york first. >> host: he starts at columbia. his first night in new york city -- where did he spend a? >> guest: is very dubious about this in my book, but he -- he couldn't get into his apartment. he couldn't get the key of the sublet of the front of his mother's. so he slept outside of his suitcase. he said he had called and came over there the next morning. >> host: genevieve makes the scene in new york city. who is that? >> guest: genevieve cook is an australian who's mother had a second marriage to a notable american, so the family kind of had american ties. she came to new york city and met barack obama after he graduated columbia. they had a lot in common from the moment they met. they both had indonesian connections. the father and mother had lived in indonesia. he was a diplomat. and so she had lived there.
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4